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The management of calcium balance in rat skeletal, cardiac and vascular smooth muscle function the role of calcitonin

Published in Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science, Vol. LV
Written by Bogdan Paltineanu, Alexandru Sonea, Cătălina Pena, Flory Revnic, Cristian Romeo Revnic

Aim:Our study has been concerned with investigation of the effect of Calcitonin treatment upon 45 Ca, 32P and 3H Colesterol uptake by the rat skeletal, vascular and cardiac muscle. Material and method: Animals: 30 white Wistar rats (150-180 g) aged between 6-24 months old divided into two groups of 15 rats each have been taken in our study: 15 young and 15 old. Method: Both, young and old rats have received Calcitonin treatment (vials with 0.5mg/ml = 0.25 mg) 0.025mg have been injected in each animal. Controls have received injections with physiological saline solution. Rats have been killed by cervical dislocation. Muscle fragments have been collected on ice bath ,then weighted and preincubated for one hour at 37oC in Hanks medium pH 7. After one hour, the muscle fragments have been incubated with 45Ca(90Pl/ml). In each sample 10Pl/sample has been used. Samples have been incubated for 2 hours at 370C. Nonspecificaly bound radiomarkers have been extracted with 1N Hcl for 24 hours and then a determination of specific bound radioactivity as well as the extracted one using a beta scintillator in liquid phase. 32P has been used with a specific activity of 7 mCi/ml,0.5PCi/sample. 3H Cholesterol has been used also for our experimental studies, with a total activity of 1mCi.0.1mCi/mlhas been used for working solution using 8Pl from dilution. The radioactivity has been evaluated with a Beta Betrhold Scintilation Counter. Results: Calcitonin experimentaly administrated has a clear influence upon 45Ca uptake in muscle tissue. Calcitonin treatment has an influence upon 3H Cholesterol uptake in skeletal muscle from treated rats versus controls. Conclusions: Our data have an important clinical value in monitoring calcium level in patients in order to avoid cardiac arithmias and vascular perturbations.

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