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Achievement, testing and evaluation a mathematical model to optimize swinenutrition

Published in Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science, Vol. LV
Written by Radu BURLACU, C. NIȚU, Ioana RĂDULESCU

The paper presents a mathematical model for calculating the rules of energy and protein in growing pigs and fattening. Were used functions and parameters in the literature (Whittemore, Kyriazakis and Emmans), including our results. Based on this model is shown a procedure for calculating the feed rations. The method of mathematical modelling of the metabolic processes offers the possibility to assess feed allowances in their evolution, related both to the growth rate and to carcass quality. This paper presents an approach of this issue. Because of a given weight gain the quality of this gain is included in an interval ( min Lr = Lr = max Lr , where Lr = daily retained lipids and Pr = daily retained PrPr Pr protein), it results that feed allowance will be expressed as intervals of the form [normmin, normmax]. We obtain thus an infinity of possible values for the feed allowance. The choice of one possible value or of another one depends on the used raising technology, on the purpose of growing expressed in economic terms and/or in terms of a human-friendly food. In the present paper, besides the modality of calculating the intervals for the energy and protein allowance we shall also present formulas which, in our opinion, characterise a physiological evolution of the weight gain and of the lipid/protein ratio of the carcass.

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