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A comparison of duck and chicken egg yolk for cryopreservation of egyptian buffalo bull spermatozoa

Published in Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science, Vol. LV
Written by Ibrahim El-Shamaa, El-Shenawy El-Seify, Ahmed Hussien, Mohamed El-Sherbieny and Mohamed El-Sharawy

Cryopreservation of domestic animal spermatozoa has been widely used for artificial insemination and egg yolk is one of the most commonly used cryoprotectants during the freezing-thawing process. The aim of the present study was to compare the effectiveness of different duck egg yolk (DEY) concentrations (10, 15 and 20% DEY) with chicken egg yolk (20% CHEY) on the cryopreservation of Egyptian buffalo spermatozoa following dilution, equilibration and freezing-thawing processes. For this purpose, one ejaculate of semen from each of three Egyptian buffalo bulls were collected twice each week for 4 weeks with artificial vagina (42ºC). Pooled ejaculates were divided into four parts and were diluted in Tric citric acid glycerol extender containing either 10 or 15 or 20% DEY or 20% CHEY at 37ºC. Extended semen was equilibrated for 4h at 5ºC and then was filled in 0.5 ml straws and frozen in liquid nitrogen. Thawing of semen was performed at 37ºC for 30s. Progressive sperm motility, live sperm % and plasma membrane integrity after different stages of cryopreservation were assayed. Values of these parameters of post-thaw semen quality were higher for extender containing 15% DEY as compared with 20% CHEY (control extender), being 59.6% vs. 47.9%, 72.3% vs. 55.0% and 80.7% vs. 69.1% for progressive motility, live sperm and plasma membrane integrity, respectively. Using a post-thawing semen containing 15% DEY yielded comparatively highest conception rate (65.8%) followed by 20% DEY (59.3%), 20% CHEY (58.6%) and 10% DEY (58.1%). In conclusion, DEY compared to chicken egg yolk in extender improves the frozen-thawed quality of Egyptian buffalo bull spermatozoa and fertility rate.

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